Monday, 18 June 2012

1 Day 1 Hour 10 Minutes -Short Film Review

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Cast :
Mahendra, Keerthan, Venkatesh, Anudeep Thota
Genre: Message-Oriented

Anudeep Thota
Editing-Concept-Dialogues - Direction:
Anil Kaivalya

Writer's Comment:- Time has it's Own Timing

This short is about Three Individual characters who ignores essence of time and come to know the importance of Time when they experienced practically.

Artists Performance:-  
'Ishtam' fame Mahendra is good as lover boy he is good in his acting and his voice is awesome,But, gal who proposes him through phone is dramatical and her proposal is not too impressive .
Keerthan is awesome with his character and it is director's mistake who didn't succeeded in asking him to make lip movement .
Anudeep is impressive in emotions like tension when he missed his train and happiness when he met his friend(Venky) .But,cinematographer missed to catch and show the face emotions clearly in night mode.

Technical Aspects:- Anil Kaivalya is improving day by day in short film making
"1 Day 1 Hour 10 Minutes" shows his ability of making.He took 5 hours to make this short shows his ability and passion on film making.He is good in character selection but it would have been better if he had succeeded in making keerthan character to make some lip movement in  scenes like when he spoke to his mother.

Camera work done by Anudeep Thota is good .He has to  improve in some aspects like using light for shots done in night, zooming and camera shaking.
Editing is nice but, mistakes like spelling mistake in subtitile , Keerthan Character lip movement and Time Voice over .Director has to make sure that there are no errors for a short which made in 5 hours for a competition.All this small Errors may turn in to a big Mistake.

 This short explains the essence of time and gives us a great message that each and every Individual should know the importance of time. Director Anil Kaivalya is improving quicker than expected in short film making.This short is best of all his previous shorts in each and every aspects like editing,dop,etc..,Over all it is a decent short to watch and gives a good message about Time.

Rating:- 3.9 out of 5
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