Saturday, 14 January 2012

Love is in the air- Review

Banner: Sky Touch Entertainments 

Cast: Arpita, Nikhil Nadella

Genre: Romantic

Cinematography: Vijay Saran
Sushma Reddy Revalli
Story-screenplay- Direction & Editing: Nikhil Nadella

Writer's Comment:-Never ending Love

Rating:- 3 out of 5

Story:- Story is about a girl's emotions  who lost her boyfriend in an accident,still don't want to believe that he is no more.
Artists Performance:- Though,there are only two characters,Still they are convoluted.
Arpita's acting is ok and her expressions are adequate.Nikhil is good with his performance looks  good in Romantic scenes.
Technical Aspects:- Director Nikhil Nadella had come up with a routine story but,presented in a New way.
Nikhil is good in editing since his 1st short film and   repeated the same .

Cinematography by vijay saran is rich
Dialogues penned by
Sushma Reddy Revalli are fine.

Analysis:-  'Love is in the air' title itself speaks love is present in everywhere and has no ending for it. Can be watchable for  the camera work,editing and the messages quoted in between " 00:04:41 to 00:05:24 " duration.
Scenes between 00:03:24 to 00:04:01 will create an impact.Overall it is a feel good movie with a feel.
Duration was too short would have been better if it is more than 10 minutes with proper narration of his boyfriend about how he has passed away.
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