Friday, 13 January 2012

Qutting is Impossible- Review

Banner: Sky Touch Entertainments 
Genre: Message Oriented

Music:  Abhishek Chanda
Editing-Story-screenplay-Dialogues - Direction: Nikhil Nadella

Writer's Comment:-Gal Vs Cigar /Drug Vs Dad

Story:- A short story revolves aroung drug addicted guys and reminds  the importance of relations and at the same time gives you 2 options to choose by yourself.

Artists Performance:- 3 Guys are performed well especially drug addicted guy is good with his performance has a good scope to flick in to full fledged movies.Gal is ok with her performance but has to improve her facial experssions 

Technical Aspects:- 'Love.lo fail aythe' fame Actor Nikhil Nadella did his directorial debut with this movie with a good concept and convinced with his work but has to improve in some aspects like dubbing and narration.Scenes in between 00:04:19 to 00:05:40 are too natural.

Camera work done by director himself is good and editing has to be applauded.

Music:-Background music is not up to the mark 

Analysis:- Nikhil Nadella and his team has come up with a good concept.Cast and crew has to be appreciated for their attempt.They have their own talent which can make miracles in future.

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