Friday, 23 March 2012

Prema Ishq Kadhal - Review

Banner: Sign Creations
Cast : Santhosh Yaramada,   Swathi Deekshith,  Harish Koyalagundla,  Nikhil Khailasa,  Karteek sivagouni,   Dheeraj KUmar and Others
Genre: Comedy

Music: Telugu Songs Collection
Sujeeth Sign,Karteek sivagouni

Editing-Story-screenplay-Dialogues - Direction: Sujeeth Sign
Writer's Comment:-Flirting is injurious to Wealth...!!
Story:- Santhosh Samrat(Santhosh Yaramada) is a straight forward guy who is crazy about girl friend falls in love with Soundharya(Swathi Deekshith) but fails to express his love.Rest of the story is all about how he got his girl with the ideas given by his friends Bangaaram(Harish Koyalagundla) and Sunny (Nikhil Khailasa).

Artists Performance:-  
Santhosh Yaramada is apt for the lead role and  done a decent job as lover boy.His body language,dialogue delivery  and expressions are awesome especially as drunkard.
Swathi Deekshith is gorgeous in female lead her acting impresses you . Director has succeeded in shooting her in right angles.
 Harish Koyalagundla and Nikhil Kailasa has to be applauded for their acting skills and dialogue delivery with flicks like 'Thokkalo Love story' and 'I have a Boy friend' their combination proves to be the most humorous in short flicks had never seen .
Karteek sivagouni entertains in a 1 min cameo and Dheeraj kumar and others acting is good.

Technical Aspects:- Sujeeth sign proved once again why he is called the best director in narrating a love story with lots of humor in it.His previous shorts like 'Thokkalo love story' and 'I have a Boy Friend' speaks for itself.He repeated his magic again with "Prema Ishq Kadhal".He is very good at extracting performances and doing entertainment scenes.
 Songs from various flicks used correctly.But,it would have better if they have composed their own Back ground music.I hope they will work on it in their next flicks.
Camera work done by karteek sivagouni and sujeeth is rich and fantastic.
Editing is awesome. Dialogues are an asset.

Analysis:-  The Story of the short is simple about logic in flirting a girl .Director sujeeth made sure with his mark entertainment and humor.The plus points of the movie are actors performance and entertainment. Overall its a comedy feast for sujeeth fans and decent short to watch.
Rating:-4 out of 5

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  1. genuine and a perfect review :) kudos to the team and hats off to the camera work!

  2. Review is OK.. But.. my opinion is.. Hero did not perform his natural skill. All sujeeth movies are calm and class.. This seems to be like . like .. wat to say " Unorganized" ..

    Everyone else performed awesome in their respective role.

    Nothin wrong in tryin different. But do not loose the trend you set up. It changes the conception/image that ppl had before

    1. Thanks for your feed back Mr.Murali and I really appreciate your opinion.But,I don't agree with your opinion on lead role guy.Ofcourse, as a fan of sujeeth you may expect calm and class in it.performances are apt for this script and they did their best.

      this movie doesn't indicate in loosing a trend.Why don't you feel that with "prema Ishq Kadhal" sujeeth has set up a new trend again ?

      Thanx and Regards,

  3. bhayya.. asalu kaeka putincharu ga..!!
    Murali anna.. ma santosh babu ni nuvu ala ela antav..??
    u might have seen the short film by buffering in youtube or in fb which is very slow.. and is 949 Mb with high quality video. So better download and watch it..!! 1. download youtube downloader from cnet 2. install and 3. paste the link..
    Final ga manollanu encourage cheyali..!! discourage chesthae ela..!! vallu teyadam banchestharu.. fans.. memu hurt avutham..!! sry murali.. if i say anything wrong.. your thinking may be different..!!

    Asalu nikhil aythae.. dookudu lo bramhanandham expressions ni minchipoyadu.. masthu mama..!!

    Bhayya.. expectting more short films like this..!!
    Really High light hangama..!!

    1. Mari....naa gurinchi em cheppavaaa Brotheru ??? :P

    2. "naa" antae evaru bhayya ??
      ne peru teliyat ledhu "dciticwriter" ani undi profile peru..!!

    3. Bhayya.. finally.. i found ur pic in fb.. nuvu asalu e movie lo levu kada bhayya ? eh character..!!
      I guess nuvu tera venukala hero.. !!
      Khada.. Screen play.. Darshkathvam..
      correct ah bhayya..!!

    4. @rajesh :--- Iam a Review writer man....Nagchinna.I did nothing to this movie...samaj ayndhaa ?? :P :P

    5. Oh gatlana bhayya.. nuvu ah movie lo ekkadanna unavaemo ani 3 to 4 times chusa..
      movie lo "kotha ga GOOGLE+ lo frnd ayyadu" antae ah dialog lo nuvu anukunna..!!
      Okay.. Review masthu rasav bhayya..
      but popular kaledhu anukunta blogspot.. i suggest u to put a Review also in FB..
      i Hope 2 c u in Next Movie of sujeet SIGN creations..!! :))