Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ishtam-Short Film Review

Banner: Last Bench Works
Cast : Mahendra , Ramana
Genre: Message-Oriented

Music: Tyagaraj Dwaram
Venaktesh K

Editing- Anudeep Thota

Story-screenplay-Dialogues - Direction: Anil kaivalya
Writer's Comment:-That's a Father ♥
Story:- It is a small documentary about parent's love and affection on their children. 
Shiva(Mahendra)  interested in becoming a film maker.But,his father who want to see him as I.A.S. Shiva sacrifices his ambition and goes to his father with I.A.S Application.Mean while,Shiva's father who got to know his son talent in movie making and asks him to go ahead with his ambition with a surprise gift.Watch the short to know about the surprise gift.
Artists Performance:- 
Mahendra's Performance is good and he is fine with his body language.
Ramana is okay as Mahendra's Dad.His face expressions are like he might have hesitated to act in front of camera.
As it's a Message oriented these two actors didn't got much space to show their acting skills.But,still it's enough for the script.
Technical Aspects:- First of all Anil Kaivalya has to  be applauded for selecting such a script and turning it in to a Message oriented short.
Music composed by Tyagaraj Dwaram is sensitive and up to the mark.
Camera work done by venkatesh is good at some parts.Doing such a short with Digital cam shows their passion on movie making.Editing is fine.
Major Draw backs of this short are Dubbing and Cinematography as they done it with a digital cam it can be exempted.

Analysis:-  This story gives a message to youngsters who fails to express their aims with parents and gives an idea about how to explain it clearly with a practical approach.I wish these type of shorts has to come more in near future and  Ishtam is a feel good movie with a nice message.
Rating:-3.75 out of 5

Click Here to watch this short film

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